UPLIFT Teen Yoga is a non-profit program dedicated to inspiring teens through yoga and mindfulness. 

The eight week UPLIFT Teen Yoga camp launched in Summer 2014 at the Boys & Girls Club in Orange County, CA. Over the past few years, we have focused our efforts on leading UPLIFT Teen Yoga camps and developing our own unique UPLIFT Teen Yoga curriculum. We have spent hundreds of hours with our teens listening and connecting with them on what matters most. We are ecstatic with the feedback we have received from parents and teens alike, and we are thrilled to announce that we are growing in a big way. UPLIFT Teen Yoga is launching in Ohio in Summer 2017, expanding to reach several communities across Orange County in early 2018, and growing nationwide in the coming years.

Currently, we are recruiting and training UPLIFT Teen Yoga instructors. Our instructors have completed their 200+ hour yoga teacher certification as well as the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials course, and they are trained speficially in the UPLIFT Teen Yoga curriculum. We look forward to welcoming and announcing our new UPLIFT Teen Yoga instructors soon. Stay tuned for our exciting new offerings which will include an UPLIFT Teen Yoga Masters class for our camp graduates seeking to deepen their practice, UPLIFT Teen Yoga retreats, and eventually a boys program too! 

Why UPLIFT Teen Yoga   

Middle school can be a challenging time. Major changes occur at this age and new stresses come with the territory. Yoga and mindfulness provide teens with the tools to thrive. Our fast-paced digital culture has trained us to be distracted, and it is more important than ever for teens to learn how to focus the mind. The benefits of UPLIFT Teen Yoga are endless:  better performance at school, lower levels of stress, heightened awareness of thoughts, smarter decisions, improved relationships, and more positivity. UPLIFT Teen Yoga's unique curriculum is research-based and grounded in positive psychology theory.

Our Camps

Ten teen girls ages 13-15 join two UPLIFT Teen Yoga instructors for an eight week camp filled with personal growth, empowerment, bonding, and fun. Each two hour session features a yoga practice integrated with meditation, interactive games, mindfulness exercises, journaling, discussion and crafts. We also spice it up with field trips and special events such as outdoor yoga in a beautiful and peaceful setting, yoga glow parties at night, SUP Yoga adventures at sea, and yoga swag giveaways. Check back soon for upcoming camp details or visit our Contact page to join our growing wait list. UPLIFT Teen Yoga camp is donation based and spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Here is an inspiring testimonial from our UPLIFT Teen Yoga graduate, Annamarie:

“UPLIFT Teen Yoga has helped me in all areas of my life from school to sports to relationships. Just one week ago, I dislocated my knee and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I used my breathing to get through an extremely difficult and painful experience. This program has opened my eyes to all kinds of great tools to use in my daily life. I even started a yoga club at school this year. I love UPLIFT!”

And here is a testimonial from Annamarie's parents, Steve & Vicki:

"UPLIFT Teen Yoga has been a huge benefit to our family. It is a fantastic program that really caught the attention of our 13 year old daughter. Since attending last summer, she has been inspired and uses many of the techniques that she learned, almost daily. Her abilities to focus, calm herself and to relax, have been wonderful tools. Her appreciation of yoga and its benefits even motivated her to start a Yoga Club at school!  

Today, so many tweens and teens get caught up in extremely busy lifestyles. Between homework, sports, dance, electronics, lack of sleep and more electronics, there seems to be little time to shut down, relax and reflect. UPLIFT does just that and is a healthy way for kids to be able to escape and unwind."